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The first of an occasional series of interviews


Tim Cole talked to Doug Carter.

Talking with Doug it soon becomes clear that he and Rosemary have a passion for both the St Francis Bowls Club and the sport of bowls. They both joined the Club in the millennium year on their retirement. Rosemary had previously been an excellent stool ball player and Doug had played badminton for Lindfield, as well as taking on the duties of Match secretary for the Brighton and Hove District League.

One of the most important spin offs from their interest in playing sports has been the friendships they have made  which have endured over many years. This has played a very important part in Doug and Rosemary’s life. Their compassion for those who have suffered in particular comes shining through in our discussion.

I asked Doug if there was any name which adorned the Honours Board that stood out for him. He mentioned Amy Truran as being the outstanding player of his era. She won many Singles Championships, including becoming the English National Champion on two occasions. Of the current members he alluded to the many Singles titles won by Doug Jones.

Since they took up bowls on their retirement they have both been stalwarts for the Club, playing  many friendly Matches, both League and Tournaments—consequently making many friends from other clubs. This social interaction between players has been very important to them both.

As Chairman between 2017 to 2020, Doug oversaw the refurbishment of the Club and the purchase of equipment – the benefits of both are enjoyed by the current members. Doug also negotiated sponsorship deals which have enabled the Club to rebuild the toilets with facilities for the less able. His deal with Anchor Holdings secured sponsorship of our Club shirts and the purchase of scoreboards and pushers.

Doug recognized the awful affects of Covid on all Bowls Clubs. A membership of 75 was soon reduced to 50 and without new members we will struggle to reach that number in the future. Doug feels strongly that although  advertising can be important to promote our Club, the best way  to recruit new members is through personal contact.

Although not bowling anymore Doug plays an important part as President and is always willing to pass on his advice gained from many years as a loyal Club member and successful Chairman.

We hope Rosemary continues bowling for many more seasons.

May I thank Doug for his willingness to take part in this interview.

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